Painting, Again…

New paint and other upgrades.

I am a sucker for punishment, but truthfully I just love working on boats and being in a boat yard, I complain about it a lot, but I think that is just so other people don’t think I am having too much fun!

So I escaped Canada on January 25th, a day before the new travel restrictions went in place, Green Cove Springs Marina pulled my boat from storage and found me a spot in the work yard.

My goal was just to do a bottom job and launch within two weeks, but that has turned in to a much larger job. I decided to repaint, I failed with a new product to me called Alexseal and went back to my old favourite Awlgrip. (but more on that later).

I make boats look good…

Still need to do the boot striping and the because of my position in the work yard, I was plagued with dust and pollen, I give this paint job a C minus.

I also added a LiFePo4 (Lithium-Iron-phosphate) battery as well as a DC-DC charger, started cleaning up and improving the 40 year old electrical.

In 10 days I will have been here 3 months, time really flies in the work yard!

Bamboo shelter, prior to priming.
Algrip vs Alexseal